If you have never visited Waterloo, you know that you can never get enough of it the moment you step there. Kid’s get hooked the first time they visit this place and go back again and again. Water loo is a unique village that was restored from the 19th century. In this village, there are sawmills, historic houses, a working mill with gristmills and a general store.
Winakung is in Waterloo and provides kids with cultural and educational programs. That’s why schools love visiting this place for tours.

Interactive displays to help educate

There are various things to do in waterloo, both outdoors and indoors. For example, there are several attractions during events and festivals. There is a RIM Park which 2-kilometer square.
This city park is on the city’s northeast side. Kids who love golf can enjoy playing at the Grey Silo Golf Course. Steve Young designed this area in 2000.

Children love art and can get a chance to stare at the artwork in Waterloo. While the artworks are not sculptures, painting or photographs, they are Glass Gallery exhibits enamel, ceramic, stained glass, and glasswork.

Discover the newly refurbished Lenape Village- known as Winakung at Waterloo

Waterloo has special events which are however seasonal. It is a bit tricky to find a list of events. But if you follow the official Facebook page of waterloo, you will get enough information about this. Waterloo is also a great place for picnics.

You can get challenging traits as you walk towards the main Winakung Village. The Stephen state park and the Allamuchy State Park are great for those looking for a challenging trail. Water loo is a great place to have fun and learn, as well.