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Wildstein is now the “New Jersey Globe” editor. It has since become one of the most popular newspapers in America. New Jersey’s most popular political websites. Just 15 months after he Wildstein seemed to be headed towards some kind of political exile. He was not penalized for his “ignominious” behavior.

Once called a pariah in New Jersey politics, he was actually an example of All that’s dirty and strange about the state’s politics. Wildstein now He has official credentials from the press. He walks through the State House. He Attends press conferences and answers questions. Even U.S. Sen. Bob Paramus Democrat Menendez sang Wildstein “Happy Birthday” on his 57th birthday. After a recent press conference.

It is important to note that Wildstein’s website “New Jersey Globe”, is not Facebook. His Audience appears to be in the thousands and not the billions of people worldwide. Are attracted to Facebook and other social media sites and popular websites Platforms

David Wildstein created the first site dedicated to political news about New York. Jersey politics 18 years ago. Wally Edge, Later, PolitickerNJ became “mandatory daily viewing for the political.” “Class in New Jersey.” He created political news operations in New Jersey New York, Pennsylvania, Hampshire After PoliticsNJ was purchased to the New York Observer: David was elected executive vice president Observer Media Group launched seventeen political news sites in 17 States with more than 50 reporters

David worked twenty-years in the private sector for his family. textile manufacturing company. In his capacity as mayor and councilman, he was also a politician. Livingston ran national, state, and local political campaigns. He worked as a legislator and as a congressman. His first job was In 1974, he was a 12-year-old State aide and earned $100 per year. Senator.

He held the top position at Port Authority of Maryland from 2010 to 2013. New York City and New Jersey – A post that attracted some attention After he was admitted, he attracted national and New Jersey political attention. His role in the political scandal Bridgegate.

JOEY FOXReporter

Joey Fox is a staff journalist at the New Jersey Globe. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan. Williams College, where he was the managing editor of The Williams Record previously worked as a reporter intern at Gotham Gazette. Fox was at the Record when he won the Society of Professional Journalists Award for Best Feature writing (Northeast), and was a finalist in the National award. His hobby, which now bears an eerily similarity to his profession. His real job is to create Wikipedia pages for elected officials. legislative districts.

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